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"It's important to balance the strategic aspects of mobility,
tying it to the overall talent strategy and corporate governance,
while also assuring practical, real world solutions that work,
meet employee and company needs, and are cost effective."

- Michael D. Ray

Talent Deployment  Strategies

Creating and implementing mobility strategies to assure that your program is working hand glove with the organization’s overall talent requirements and strategies. Mobility is an employee benefit that enables the right talent, to be in the right places, at the right time. Whether you are starting a program from scratch, planning a group move or refining an established program we evaluate, advise and execute on strategies that enable the organization to effectively deploy talent and achieve goals.
Evaluating the program and policies to assure that you are maximizing effectiveness, minimizing costs and mitigating risks. Mobility policies are one driver of program optimization, but equally important are the other resources deployed, staff, systems and suppliers, that operate within a global function. We look at dimensions of a program or the overall program against results achieved and tools deployed include cost analysis, policy benchmarking, training and process redesign.

Mobility Program & Policy Optimization

Program Compliance

Deconstructing programs to ensure compliance and effectively mitigating and managing non-compliance risks. In today’s business world, GDPR, FCPA, OECD and countless other acronyms can be intimidating, if not paralyzing. Yet, it comes down to assuring your employee’s and the organization are both protected. For mobility that is complicated by the global nature of many programs and includes important considerations in the areas of immigration, tax, financial/legal, data and supply chain. We examine program components and the overall structure to assure that risks are identified and mitigated, and that the program complies with the laws and statures of the jurisdictions in which it operates, and with the organization’s own policies.
Designing supplier solutions to assure the right suppliers are in place, doing the right things and being managed effectively to achieve organizational goals. Identifying the best supplier is about identifying, contracting, and implementing the right resource for the company. There is no one size solution for every program, and we start supplier selection by building the right success criteria for the resource, building a selection process to achieve that goal, performing deep due diligence, and then selecting, contracting and implementing the right solutions. Successful Supply Chain solutions do not end there, and so we assure that the relationship is guided by effective performance metrics and scorecards, and that the organization has the tools to manage the relationship into the future.

Supply Chain Solutions


Some examples of projects include:

  • Designing an International Assignment Letter template and process for customizing these on future assignments.
  • Creating a “First Assignment” for a global start-up, to be used as a template on future moves.
  • Designing and then running the RFP and selection process for a global mobility (3rd Party) provider.
  • Creating a global expatriate compensation policy, including a localization strategy.
  • Designing a tiered domestic relocation policy.
  • Benchmarking a global transfer policy.
  • Training a global talent acquisition organization on global compensation options.
  • Evaluating a mobility organization for staffing requirements and in-house outsource decisions.
  • Creating metrics and scorecards for an outsourcing project.